About Us

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to visit our business.

Paladin Cleaning Service was established in 1997 with operations commencing in 1980. Since inception, Paladin has maintained over 90 per cent of its’ clients due to our mission to exceed client expectations and to provide exemplary service at all times. We have lost a few clients on the way due to their relocation.

Our core objective is to establish Paladin as the number one choice for commercial cleaning services in Sydney. We pride ourselves on the quality of service guaranteed to all of our clients, which is derived from the belief that good communication between the cleaning contractor and our customers assures a high standard of cleaning at all times. We feel that it is as a result of this policy that Paladin has maintained the same contracts over a long period.

For over fifteen years, I have done different things along the way to make commercial cleaning services inexpensive for the client but rewarding for the cleaner. Our organisational model is based on decentralising responsibility & authority, facilitating team-building and quantifying thereof. Thus allowing us to offer inexpensive cleaning solutions for those businesses that require an inexpensive no fuss solution. Along the way, we developed an innovative employee incentive package that would attract and help keep good employees. Our motivated staff are a fundamental contributing factor to the success of Paladin.

At Your Service,
Imraan Ebrahim
General Manager