Cleaning Marble Granite Slate Terrazzo Floors

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Commercial spaces have many types of flooring and we have seen a rise in natural surfaces like marble, slate, granite, and terrazzo. As more and more buildings are installing stone floors there is a growing need for cleaning contractors who have the experience and knowledge to take care of these valued surfaces properly.

Before expanding into the area of stone floor care make sure that you understand the differences in the types of flooring and how to design a maintenance program to keep stone floors looking their best. It helps to develop a relationship with a distributor that has quality products and can help you with technical support.

The first step in any floor maintenance program is finding out what type of stone you’re dealing with. Stone floors are broken down into one of two categories: stone that contains calcium and those that do not contain calcium. It is important to note that acids will attack and etch stone that contains calcium.

If the floor is not coated on the surface, a simple test can determine what type of stone you are dealing with. Place a drop of hydrochloric acid in an inconspicuous area and watch the reaction. If the acid fizzes the stone contains calcium. If there is no reaction, the stone is most likely granite, slate, sandstone or some type of ceramic that has been designed to look like natural stone.

Your second step is to decide what type of results you want with your floor program. Do you want a polished surface, a slip resistant floor or a floor program that is easy to manage? Any stone floor program should also take into account the type of surface – polished, honed or textured. Also, remember that stone is a product of nature and should be admired for its inconsistencies. The imperfections of stone create random patterns, which is what makes natural stone so desirable.

When looking at how you should maintain stone floors, both calcium containing and non-calcium containing stone floors should be maintained in identical ways except when it comes to re-polishing. A marble floor develops wear patterns faster as marble is a softer stone. You can polish marble, limestone and terrazzo effectively with superfine abrasives you mix with potassium oxalate or oxalic acid. These are typical compounds available in various ready to use formulas.

Granite floors, on the other hand, are acid resistant requiring granite to be polished mechanically using superfine abrasives. The re-polishing of granite is a slow process as compared to re-polishing a marble floor.

At times the floor will have been so neglected it may need restoration. A properly restored stone floor will have no lippage (where one edge of a stone is higher than adjacent edges, giving the stone a ragged appearance), will look better and be easier to clean. The restoration process is best handled by professionals. Improved technology has made the restoration process faster and with a restored floor maintenance costs will go down while the overall appearance of the floor will go up.

Stone itself has a porosity factor (materials can pass through it) and some stones absorb stains faster than other types of stone. A high quality impregnator can help prevent stains from passing through and being absorbed into the stone. Impregnators can be water resistant, or water, grease and oil resistant. The specific impregnator to use will depend on your specific situation.

The most important part of your stone floor care program will be the use of a quality stone cleanser that is pH neutral. A high quality soap will clean and enrich the stone, which will make it more soil and stain resistant.

Regular cleaning is recommended for commercial stone floors. This will not only remove any built in soil, but will also remove stone soap build-up. This is an important step as most stone soaps are non-rinse. Because of this dirt can build up in the grout lines, even when you are following a floor maintenance program. An intensive cleaning should also be used if you have an extremely dirty floor.

Other stone surfaces that may need extra care are countertops, vanities and vertical surfaces, such as pillars. A good relationship with a distributor of quality products will help you in deciding which chemicals you’ll need to use to clean these surfaces.

Reasons to consider professional office cleaning in Sydney

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When it comes to running an office, one of the most important things people should consider is the appearance of it. A messy or dirty office can lead to an unprofessional appearance that deters business partners and clients from visiting. The cost of professional office cleaning in Sydney is well worth it for what is offered. Not to mention this relieves employees from the burden of doing the cleaning on top of their everyday work.

Types of Cleaning Services Sydney Offices can have done.

Professional cleaning companies can provide a wide variety of different services. While a lot of offices choose to do their own cleaning, this can get tiresome and the results will never turn out as good as professional cleaning does. Not to mention a lot of business owners don’t have the time to constantly keep their office clean and attractive.

Most businesses have their office floors vacuumed and windows cleaned. These are two of the most important services since they get dirty the quickest. In addition to this, bathroom cleaning is very important. This is an area that should not only be clean for clients and customers, but also employees. Cleaners can wipe down kitchen areas, dust office fixtures, clean walls and do a wide variety of other things. Generally they are going to come with all their own cleaning supplies, so you won’t have to have anything extra.

Benefits of Using Professional Cleaners?

Expert office cleaning for Sydney means they are going to mop, sweep, scrub and even clean the toilets. They will make sure the area looks like new by the time they leave. Since it’s their job to clean the area, they will want to make sure it looks as good as possible. The cleaners can come by as often as the office would like them to. This could be once a day, once a week or even once every other week. They can also come by when the office is closed so the space isn’t crowded with too many people.

Generally there will be a crew of cleaners doing all the work. So, instead of one or two people doing the job, there will be several. Having all the extra people available means work will get done a lot more quickly. In addition to this, since most cleaners have a lot of experience, they work quickly without sacrificing the quality. They know how to clean efficiently without taking the entire day to do it.

By getting office building cleaning services Sydney, any office can stay looking great. The windows will be smudge free, floors won’t be full of dirt and the bathrooms will be fresh. A dirty office can lead to losing a lot of clients and having employees feel uncomfortable. Cleaning services are very affordable for most offices, including those that are large. Employee morale will also be a lot better when they have a clean space to work in and don’t have to clean it themselves! Taking the time to hire a skilled cleaning company is well worth it and will pay off in the long run.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Fridges

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We use a 3M product called Stainless Steel Cleaner. Its not cheap but works well. Another great option is using furniture polish oil. Just dab some on a dry rag and wipe down the fridge or any stainless steel appliance in the kitchen. Although be aware, you may find some dust settling on the item by week end as this cleaning method creates some static. Our domestic cleaning service serving Sydney includes exterior fridge cleaning. Interior fridge cleaning is by request.

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Service for Your Home or Office

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Cleaning your home and office space can be tough if you are a busy bee. This is the reason why more and more people are turning to professional cleaning services to handle this job. Here in Sydney, there are so many cleaning services one can choose from but it is important to choose the best. Choosing a cleaning service Sydney is choosing one that can be trusted, reliable and trustworthy. This is very important simply because you are opening your home for strangers to come and clean it for you. So how do you choose the best cleaning service for your home and even for your office? Here are some logical ways on how to select the best company for your home and office.

• Unparalleled Reputation. Choose a reputable company. You can always check on the company’s credentials and how long they have been operating to make sure that you are on the right track. Most of these businesses would have references ready for you to call in case you want to check on their services and prices. A company that has been in the business for a while shows their stability and competency. You can also look for a reputable office cleaning in Sydney through the Internet where you can find several testimonials that can aid you in your choice.

• Advertisement. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisements. Always ask from family and friends who they can recommend. They will definitely recommend someone whom they have experience with. They can even tell you if they are satisfied with them or not. It is also important to know why your family or friend was satisfied with this company. Some people are happy because of their cheap services while others, they prefer a cleaning service that charges a little more but gives quality and safe cleaning solutions. This will depend on your choice.

• Eco Friendly. With this said, it is important not to choose on price alone. In fact, most homeowners and office owners would rather pay more as long as the company is into green and eco-friendly cleaning.

• Recognition and Affiliation. When choosing a company, you need to check if they are affiliated with professional affiliation board like the BSCAA and the Australian Cleaning Contractors’ Association Inc. Being a member marks quality and professionalism among cleaners and owners of cleaning companies.

• Socially Responsible. Good cleaning companies take part in the improvement and development of the community’s well-being. Hiring one can assure you that the company that takes active part cares for the people and not just a fly-by-night kind of company.

• Reasonably Priced. Price is also important so it is a good idea to scout around and compare the services charged. Healthy competition is good and it is interesting to discover why a certain company is much expensive compared to another.

Choosing the best cleaning service in Sydney is quite tricky. After all, your home and office are vulnerable to people whom you do not know. Other than this, it is important that you get what you pay for and that cleanliness remains their top priority.

Window and Blind Cleaning

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A recent survey among households ascertained cleaning window treatments is a very unpopular part of spring cleaning. More than thirty per cent of respondents said this is their least favourite aspect of cleaning.

If you are among the thirty per cent of people who don’t like cleaning their window treatments, here are some tips to help make the job easier.

If you don’t have a brush attachment to vacuum your blinds, try wearing a pair of cotton mittens or socks and running them over your blinds. By tilting slats down on window blinds, but not closing, you’ll be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat. Cellular shades can be cleaned with a feather duster. Faux wood blinds can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

Make sure to test a small area when using water and detergent to clean fabric shades. Choose a spot that is not in main view. Wipe your blinds with a sheet of fabric softener after you’ve cleaned them. This will help prevent dust build-up for the next cleaning. Your hard work will pay off when your blinds are dust-free and allergen-free and refreshed for another year. Good Luck with it. And remember; for all your office cleaning Sydney city needs, contact Paladin Cleaning Service.