Occupational Health & Safety

Paladin recognises how the safety of our staff, our client’s staff and their premises are the most important factors in our operations. We have implemented policies, procedures and training of all our staff to ensure a safe working environment so that they concentrate on their duties. This is particularly true in commercial and office cleaning sydney

A Summary of our O H & S Policy

Chemical Safety

Paladin ensures that all chemicals used in the workplace are labelled or marked in accordance with the provisions of the O H & S Act 1983 and that chemical safety data sheets have been provided in respect of all hazardous chemicals used at work. Chemical safety data sheets provided by the supplier, or similar relevant information where such data sheets have not been provided, are made available to all staff. All staff have the right to: (a) information on the identity of chemicals used at work, the hazardous properties of such chemicals and precautionary measures; (b) the information contained in labels and markings; (c) chemical safety data sheets; in plain English language which they easily understand.

Review of work systems and practices

Frequent checks on the work procedures are included in the review of control measures for hazardous chemicals and appropriate action is taken. The review includes checks on: (a) changes in staff, materials, equipment, location and operating procedures; (b) procedures followed outside “normal” working hours; (c) adequacy of supervision; (d) whether systems and practices are followed as intended; (e) arrangements for leaving a job that cannot be finished. Information and training

General principles

Staff are trained in the correct and effective use of the control measures, in particular the engineering control measures and measures for personal protection provided, and are made aware of their significance.

Safety Data Sheets

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